Open the gates of Shambhala

by Hua†a

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5 tracks EP of 35 minutes of Stoner Doom Satan. Loud and evil, dumb and Doom, occult and FAT.

"God of Hell (the only one I know), Huata is the best doom band this side of the ocean since the death of Robespierre (my hero for ever). Incredible. I've waited for such a band in this country since I discovered EyeHateGod, Buzzov-en or UpsideDownCross 20 years ago. This is exactly the music I consider the flower of evil, the rose of death, the cream of blood. All else seems so useless compare to this fuzzy walk of neanderthals getting out of their graves to make us know that we ruined their project of a peacefull and loveable world, and that religion, specifically christianism, has led us to the worst divorce between brain and body in animal world. But all my prose is fucking nonsense and what you need to do is listen to this great EP. It's in free dl on their myspace and you can also dl it here. It's all dirty and extreme, an evisceration of sounds, it makes your archaïc brain vibes and shakes your nucleus accumbens (this I fear, will only make sense for the students or searchers in neurophysiology who read this blog, probably not much). There's also traces of Mudhoney or Tad in it, a grunge smell in some way (real one, not the rubbish called like it and played by Pearl Jam or Stone Temple Pilot). It seems that they're searching for a new drummer to go on. Hope they'll find it quick and release a full time LP on a normal label soon cause they are a revelation. The second decenny of this 21st century after the birth of the Christ is theirs."


released January 3, 2010

Throatruiner Records



all rights reserved


Hua†a Rennes, France

Gathering our disciples for fuzz ritual ceremonies, we are the luminous legacy of the sacred green land. Under the mourning star we preach, the great light of truth, the holy power of extra-terrestrials initiators that guide us to glorious times. Here is the Occult ! ... more

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Track Name: Alchemist reborn
They were false
Made our power came to madness
They built over god's
Tower of shame

They're god were false
Rising death like the hell
They bury down and carry out
Emptiness by soil

I call the end!
let the fire destroy
The gods will burn!
Eaten by the worm

I call a new world!
Dark and violent as hell
wizards will join under the bloody throne

By the acid and the sulfur rain
By the armies of death
By the fire and the ice
By the wolf and the snake

A new order will born!
New era of darkness comes
Inference will have no more sens
Knowledge will be a thousand of liars

Masters of alchemy
Will surround the almightly
Dopethrone, the evil upon
will be the king of the dawn
Dragons of doom shall reing on the fools
let it rise, DESTROY THIS WORLD!!

forest shall be burned
mountains will fallen down
oceans shall be reclaimed
and the life, shall be damned!
Track Name: Diving in the swamp
When the hexagon start to tremble
The dirty whores start the struggle
Fearing the sovietic threat
They forgive their own pain

Don't you see what i am saying?
Your declining spirit is starving
Well mine too but...
I can't expect leaving it
So deep and confused i swear you

This is the hole of dirt
Seeing it is starting to sink
The old world is an antic shit
But can't expect to get blind

Downer, Downer

Dirty black shit
Holy creeps
Rotten fields
I sink in it
Track Name: Jozef Fritzl syndrom
I'm waiting
For Josef Fritzl

To take care of my family
Let them in the cave to let me watch the game

All my familiy is under authority
After a long day of work, the only thing I want:

Nobody to bored me on the phone
The all town is empty and scream under my floor
Just me myself and my Tv
To forget those who make me waste my time

What a perfect life,
Pizzas, beers and wrestling match
It smells like rot down the stairs but who cares there's
Hulk Hogan on air

Now the world can die
My neighbours are quiet but the stage is still alive

My invokation wasn't vain
No pain, no gain
Now I can enjoy wrestling in peace
Freed from those nerdz down on their knees !

Tasting sorrow and a Austrian penis.
Track Name: Rotten dick
Fuck! I need to scratch my dick
It has become so brown that i can't have erection (any more)

Fuck ! My dick smells like roosted beef
it's drilled everywhere by dirty worms

Fuck ! I can't get laid anymore
I just can fist some whore

Fuck! My dick is decomposing
Now It's just a dirty rotten dick

...It's just a dirty rotten dick

But one white worm is bigger than the others
He's bigger than my dick was
He's growing from my rotten dick
Shure, no more dead whore will resist me!

Ill fuck all the Dead whores Ill find!